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Our PANDA system offers the best value to empower researchers, technology developers, and part producers to create and innovate on an open, high-performance laser powder bed platform.

PANDA is ideal for:

  • Development and validation of LPBF technologies
  • Materials research and parameters development
  • Applications development and customization
  • Training and education
  • General manufacturing services

Key features include:

  • Multiple build size options
  • Configurable lasers/optics
  • Powerful control software
  • Advanced process monitoring
  • No materials restrictions
  • Safe for reactive powders


PANDA can accommodate multiple build envelopes:

  • Standard volume – 6 x 6 x 9.5 in (152 x 152 x 241 mm)
  • Large volume – 11 x 11 x 12.5 in (280 x 280 x 318 mm)

The following additional options are also offered:

  • Removable small-area sleeve – for processing powders in small volumes
  • Heated build plate – for processing at up to 500C

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PANDA comes with a high-performance single laser system to efficiently process most any material. Advanced options are available to provide additional capabilities for R&D users.

Standard laser/optics:

  • 500W IPG air-cooled Yb-fiber laser
  • SCANLAB high-performance galvo with f-theta lens
  • Motorized Z-stage for setting and adjusting focus (spot size)

Advanced options:

  • Dynamic focus control – allows “on-the-fly” laser focus adjustment
  • Higher laser power – upgrade to 1000W laser with external chiller
  • Dual laser – addition of second processing laser
  • Pulsed laser – provides capability for in situ laser ablation

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Open Machine Control™ (OMC) is our powerful standard software featuring:

  • User-friendly interface – intuitive GUI runs on included Windows 10 workstation
  • Full parameters control – set and adjust laser, hatch, contour, and other settings
  • Advanced processing tools – includes features such as laser skywriting and wobble
  • Multiple hardware control – control multiple lasers, scan heads, motors, and add-on mechanisms
  • Plug-in capabilities – ability to create custom scan strategies with add-on code
  • Perpetual license – never expires and includes 3 years of upgrades as available

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Standard – Each system includes a Windows-based camera for real-time viewing and recording of photos and videos.

Optional AMSENSE® is our sensor data collection and analysis platform, providing access to raw and processed data each layer through our proprietary software that runs on included Windows 10 computer.

AMSENSE Basic Suite includes:

  • Software architecture – GUI and automation for data collection and processing
  • Sensor viewports – 5 off-axis viewports for mounting sensors above the chamber
  • Recoat imaging system – high-def camera records images before and after each recoat (handout)
  • Plug-in capabilities – allows integration of AMSENSE modules and user-developed/third-party code

The following add-on modules are offered separately:

  • TOMOTHERM™ – thermal tomography sensor (handout)
  • SPAT-TRAK™ – spatter tracking sensor (handout)

We can also work with customers on custom process monitoring solutions.

Each PANDA includes:

  • Inert gas chamber – provides positive pressure environment (non-vacuum) for shielding gas (N2 or Ar)
  • Cross-bed flow – provides flow across build area for removal of soot and debris to minimize defects; users may modify outlet and intake for R&D or application-specific needs
  • Optics gas flow – provides flow across laser optics to prevent debris accumulation during the build
  • Integrated filtration – gas recirculation is provided by two-stage filter for removal of debris particles
  • Sensors and control – oxygen levels (% not ppm) are controlled by dual sensors and control software with automated shutoff/alarm capabilities

PANDA’s base price includes our Open Materials Library™ of processing parameters for commonly used LPBF materials, including one or more in each of these classes:

  • Stainless steels
  • Tool steels
  • Aluminum alloys
  • High-temp alloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • Bronze alloys

Users always have the capability to see and modify these parameters, or create their own.

We also work with prospective customers to develop parameters and/or perform demonstration builds using specified powders. Typically, these costs are paid by the customer, and then all or some may be deducted from system purchase, when ordered.

Optional products to support your Metal AM operations:

Bamboo Station™ – This smartly-designed station provides containment for powder cleanup and recycling. It includes glove box with inert gas ports, O2 sensors, and controls for use with both reactive and non-reactive powders. It also includes a rotating mount and gas nozzle and vacuum ports for depowdering parts, and an automated sieve shaker for recycling used powder. Requires nominal 120V single-phase electric power and inert gas supply.

PANDAVAC™ – This commercial explosion-proof dry vacuum is portable and easy to handle. It is used for picking up spilled powder and performing system cleanout. Requires nominal 120V single-phase electric power.

PANDACART™ – Customized for use with PANDA to assist with powder loading, build plate setup, and build plate removal. Includes fixtures and winch to mechanically assist in lifting completed builds. It is highly recommended for larger build systems to avoid personnel injury or equipment damage.

SAFPAK-PPE™ – Our bundled personnel safety package includes two powered air-purifying respirators with hoods and filters, two ESD anti-static aprons, ESD anti-static reusable foot-heel straps, and box of nitrile gloves.

SAFPAK-FAC™ – Our facility bundle includes one Type D fire extinguisher for use on metal powders, one flammables storage cabinet (30-gal capacity), steel drum and tags/bags for disposal of contaminated items, and external sensor with alarm for monitoring oxygen level in the room.

Customers should always consult their own safety office and regulatory guidance. Users may always acquire support equipment through their own channels, and we are also happy to source other ancillary equipment as necessary.

Standard service plan:

All equipment purchased with PANDA order (includes system, configuration options, and ancillary equipment) includes warranty, periodic servicing, and technical support for 12 months after installation. The system also comes with build plate, sample powder, and various hand tools for your use.

Extended service plan:

Extended service plans for up to 2 years or 3 years are also available at time of order.

System install and training:

Installation, training, and shipping/packaging are priced separately.


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About Open Additive:

  • Strong legacy — We spun out of a defense-oriented firm with a six-decade track record in research and engineering.
  • Innovation focus — We’re a technology-oriented small business, eligible for SBIR-STTR and other R&D programs.
  • Agile partner — We both lead and support project partners across industry, small business, and academia.
  • Community pride — We’re driven to serve our nation and community, and design and build all our products in the USA.

Open Additive, LLC, is registered in federal SAM system.

Ty Pollak, PhD – President / CEO – in

Ty served over 20 years as an Air Force officer in science and technology, systems engineering, and operational testing. Since retiring from active duty in 2014, Ty has led materials and manufacturing R&D and product development for growth-oriented small businesses. His doctorate is in Materials Science & Engineering.

Joe Sciabica – Chairman / Board of Directors – in

Joe spent more than 30 years in the federal sector, rising to the Senior Executive Service. He spent much of his career leading complex technology-oriented organizations, including his role as Executive Director of the Air Force Research Laboratory. In the private sector, Joe has served in various leadership roles to transform high-tech firms in aerospace and defense, IoT and sensing, manufacturing, and other industries since 2015.

Cliff Orr – Vice Chair / Board of Directors – in

Cliff is Senior Partner at Battle Investment Group, supporting long-term growth and expansion for innovative small businesses and other companies in defense and government, industrial, and communication markets.

Tom Spears, PhD – Director of Research & Technology / Chief Scientist – in

Tom leads technology development and product innovation in AM processing, sensing and analytics, and process control. He is highly experienced in the laser powder bed fusion arena, having served in technology and product leadership roles in both large OEM and small business settings since 2013. Tom has been lead or co-inventor on more than 20 awarded and submitted patents. His doctorate is in Physics from the University of Chicago.

Chris Taylor – Director of Engineering & Production / Chief Engineer – in

Chris has worked in the laser manufacturing industry since 2008, including senior technical role in laser machining of medical devices and other products. He leads the design, manufacturing, and support of Open Additive’s AM product lines. Chris is experienced in laser safety, lean operations, and QA protocols; and has earned a BS in Engineering Physics and an MBA with Project Management focus.

We are proud members of America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

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