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If you struggle with recoater issues and crashes costing you money, click below to learn more how AMSENSE Chimera with Recoat+ can alert you in real time to help lower your production costs.

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AMSENSE – Advanced Quality Control for metal laser powder bed fusion

AMSENSE is the ultimate platform for in situ sensing and analytics.  With up to 5 available advanced sensors, and over a dozen options for simple sensor inputs, AMSENSE is a comprehensive offering for quality control.  AMSENSE is offered on PANDA and as a 3rd party add-on to a variety of OEM machines.

AMSENSE provides:

  • Full access to all data
  • Plugin interface for analytic development and implementation
  • Industry-leading sensor technology
  • Modularity – sensors can be mix and matched to suit your application

Key sensors include: 

  • Thermal Tomography
  • High speed spatter imaging
  • Recoat imaging
  • Long-wave Infrared imaging
  • Coaxial melt pool sensing
  • Simple sensors such as photodiodes, thermocouples, and others
AMSENSE provides multi-dimensional analysis of build performance.


PANDA is the key platform for launching innovative laser powder bed additive technology, with the most powerful and flexible control software on the market.

Currently available with several laser technologies, including beam shaping and pulsed techniques.

PANDA is ideal for:

  • Advanced LPBF applications and parts that require better laser technology
  • Technology development
  • Materials research
  • Training and education

Key features include:

  • Multiple laser modalities
  • Multiple build size options
  • Configurable lasers/optics
  • The most flexible control software
  • Advanced process monitoring
  • Multi-material deposition
Open Additive's PANDA 2.0 Metal 3D Printing System


PANDA can be configured in several base build configurations:

  • Small build configuration – 6 x 6 x 9.5 in (152 x 152 x 241 mm)
  • Large build configuration – 11 x 11 x 12.5 in (280 x 280 x 318 mm)
  • High temperature configuration – PANDA can be ordered with 200°C or 500°C preheat, configuration dependent
  • Custom configuration – PANDA is modular, custom sizes and designs are offered

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PANDA features high-performance laser delivery components sourced from industry leaders:

Laser options

  • 500 W IPG Photonics 1070 nm fiber laser (air cooled)
  • 1000 W IPG Photonics 1070 nm fiber laser (includes chiller)
  • Single or dual laser configuration available
  • Specialty lasers may be integrated to meet customer needs

Optics options

  • SCANLAB intelliSCAN galvo scanner with F theta lens
  • SCANLAB fiberSYS “all-in-one scanning system” with dynamic focus control
  • SCANLAB varioSCAN with dynamic focus and melt pool imaging
  • Other options available…

More information:  See handout

PANDA includes Open Machine Control™ (OMC), a powerful standard software featuring:

  • User-friendly interface – intuitive GUI runs on included Windows 10 workstation
  • Full parameters control – set and adjust laser, hatch, contour, and all settings
  • Custom hatch strategies – Custom hatch strategies can be created directly or imported via dxf, cli, sli, or America Makes 4039
  • Advanced processing tools – Advanced logic tools and fully programmable process flow enable unprecidented experimental design options, including excel DOE import capability
  • Plugin capabilities – Independently create and implement custom code for closed-loop feedback, new hardware, or other tools
  • Perpetual license – never expires and includes 3 years of upgrades as available

More information:  See handout

PANDA can be configured with our optional AMSENSE® multi-sensor data collection and analysis platform, providing access to raw and processed data each layer through our proprietary software that runs on included Windows 10 computer. AMSENSE features several standard sensors as individual options, along with plugin interface allowing integration of future modules and user-developed/third-party code. In addition to optional AMSENSE modules, all PANDA systems include a Windows-based build camera for real-time viewing and recording of photos and videos as a standard feature.

Available AMSENSE modules:

  • Recoat imaging sensor – automatically records high-resolution images before and after each recoat
  • Thermal tomography sensor – high-resolution NIR imagery compiled into emissions maps for each layer
  • Spatter tracking sensor – detects, identifies, and tracks spatter events, and provides key spatter statistics
  • Longwave Infrared – LWIR video provides video of solid-state heat flow and background temperatures
  • Custom sensors/analytics – customer-specific or emerging capabilities may be integrated, as warranted

Note that AMSENSE can also be integrated on other industrial LPBF systems, beyond Open Additive systems.

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Open Additive offers these products to support your complete Metal AM operations:

Sieving station – Open Additive works with industry experts, such as Vorti-Siv or Kason to provide state-of-the-art options for powder sieving.

Portable powder vacuum – Open Additive offers standard explosion proof vacuum options, including vacuums intended for powder reclamation.

Build prep/removal cart – Customized for use with PANDA to assist with powder loading, build plate setup, and build plate removal. Includes fixtures and winch to mechanically assist in lifting completed builds.

Personnel safety package – Our personnel safety bundle includes two powered air-purifying respirators with hoods and filters, two ESD anti-static aprons, ESD anti-static reusable foot-heel straps, and box of nitrile gloves.

Facility safety package – Our facility safety bundle includes one Type D fire extinguisher for use on metal powders, one flammables storage cabinet (30-gal capacity), steel drum and tags/bags for disposal of contaminated items, and external sensor with alarm for monitoring oxygen level in the room.

Customers should always consult their own safety office and regulatory guidance. Users may always acquire support equipment through their own channels, and we are also happy to source other customer-specified support equipment, as necessary.

Standard service plan:

All equipment purchased with PANDA order (includes system, configuration options, and ancillary equipment) includes warranty, periodic servicing, and technical support for 12 months after installation. The system also comes with build plate, sample powder, and various hand tools for your use.

Extended service plan:

Extended service plans for up to 2 years or 3 years are also available at time of order.

System install and training:

Installation and training are included in system price. Shipping/travel are included separately.


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Open Additive is a manufacturer of innovative metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems, process monitoring solutions, and related products and services. Our driving focus is to increase adoption of the laser powder bed fusion industry by providing key advanced technology and equipment for a variety of user types, from academia to industry.  Our open nature is intended to empower end users and eviscerate the typical black box nature of additive machines and sensors.

Company pillars:

  • Open and honest communication — We help our customers understand the process, the machine, sensor data, and any questions about the industry.  Likewise, employees are partners with leadership and treated as such.
  • Innovation focus — We’re a technology-oriented small business that has created its own sensor and process technology, which is baked into our product offerings.
  • Be World Class — We strive to create excellent solutions for a growing and in demand field.  “That’ll do” is not good enough.
  • Community pride — We’re driven to serve our nation and community, and design and build all our products in the USA.

Open Additive, LLC, is registered in federal SAM system (DUNS 117237443).

Tom Spears, PhD – Director of Open Additive – in

Tom leads technology development and product innovation in AM processing, sensing and analytics, and process control. He is highly experienced in the laser powder bed fusion arena, having served in technology and product leadership roles in both large OEM and small business settings since 2013. Tom has been lead or co-inventor on more than 30 awarded and submitted patents. His doctorate is in Physics from the University of Chicago.

We are proud members of America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

Other memberships include:


Please reach out to discuss how we can help accelerate your research, education, or production in metal AM!